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Why Do I Like Glee?

Why Do I Like Glee?

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I don't like Fox. I don't like modern television at all, really; it's turned into a corporate-fueled, status quo-creating hypno-machine. And a show like Glee should be the worst, seeing as it's a joint-endeavor that encourages people to spend ridiculous amounts of money on iTunes once the show is over, and it takes place in high school. High school shows SUCK.

...Although Glee does sort of make fun of high school.

But that's not the point! There's a cliche two popular/one unpopular person love triangle! The gay kid is a fashionista! There are secret pregnancies! Everything I hate about realistic fiction can be found in this one show, and yet I watch it every week. What is wrong with me?

After much deliberation, I've concluded that it's not what's wrong with me, it's what's right with Glee. (Evertything) It turns out that the love triangle doesn't dominate the show, the gay kid is made of love and I would marry him if we weren't both gay, and the pregnancies are easy to ignore. Excellence.

Not to mention the whole secret Kurt/Puck romance going on. Don't deny it. It's happening.

So, I guess Glee is my guilty pleasure. It's like John & Kate Plus 8, only with less idiots and more music. And dancing. And secret hot gay sex. This makes me happy. The end.
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