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Lovers in the Backseat

Death and Apprehension

Death and Apprehension

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I'm dying.

No, really.

I have standardized testing all week, homework in every class, and an enormous project due next week. Like, eighty poems, written and typed by Wednesday. Of course, I did volunteer for it.... but still. Not to mention, for the first time in a few weeks I've had enormous fanfiction cravings. You see, I have recently discovered delight, the likes of which can only be experienced by a Tonks/Lupin shipper of extreme dorkiness.

I mean, all of us read Harry Potter when we were little, but WOW! I feel like I never really appreciated how awesome they were until I read all seven books in seven days. And seriously, TL is one of those things where the first time I read it, I was like "....okay." And by the time Deathly Hallows was over, I was like "Oh yeah, they're actually pretty cool together."

And then came the second or third reading, and I was like "HOLY SHIZNIT, how did I not notice how awesome they were????"

I'm a little disappointed that Tonks will only be in one scene for the Half-Blood Prince movie... but as long as Loony's there too, I'll be happy. It's amazing how a really good pairing can take my mind off of boring, anxiety-prone things like school, especially when I'm writing fanfics under the desk when I'm supposed to be taking math notes. It can also take your mind off of boring, anxiety-prone concepts, like failing math. Seriously, who needs math anyway? In a few days Hogwarts will write to me and apologize for taking so long to send my letter, so I'll be cool.

But still, ten poems a day is sort of harsh. I should be working right now. Damn.
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