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Lovers in the Backseat

Is it just me or is everyone hiding out between the lights?

I'm a total dork who is in love with Broadway musicals, the Harry Potter books, and music. Jesse L. Martin is my favorite actor. I write fanfiction for RENT, CSI, HP, and Glee; mostly Glee now. My ff.net username is amaXdear. This concludes my dorkiness.

I'm a big-time writer; I leave my regular high school at noon Mon-Thurs and go to the Greater Hartford Academy for the Arts, where I take special Creative Writing classes. The Academy has also got me interested in theater and performing, though I'm waaaay too shy to actually audition for anything. Like the stereotypical Academy kid, I'm a lesbian, I knit constantly, and I love to write and recite poetry. Walt Whitman is my favorite poet. Music is my oxygen. I'm ALWAYS listening to music. Billy Joel, Marilyn Manson, Lonestar, Lady Gaga, Melissa Etheridge, All Time Low, everything except rap and the Jonas Brothers. I don't do the whole mainstream-pop thing.

So... about me, personally. I'm a Pisces, which tells you about 95% of my personality. I can get really frustrated with people sometimes, but in general I'm pretty friendly. Don't be afraid to talk to me! I can be really sarcastic, but I'm mostly sweet, I promise. And... c'est moi.